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Anna Katharina was born on April 25, 1807 as the daugther of Johannes Steup and his wife Anna Elisabeth (nee Kleber) in Bach. Her father lived as farmer in Bach and her mother was the conjugal daughter of the Miller Henrich Kleber from the Mill in Fehl. In 1814 the family had to pay an extra war tax of 6 fl, 14 alb und 4 Pfg and in the year 1815 their residential house with barn had an value of 690 Gulden.

Anna Katharina married on November 8, 1829 Johann Henrich Hisgen, born on March 8, 1804 in Pfuhl. Their daughter was born on November 9, 1832 and only two year later her husband died on December 4, 1834 with the age of 30 years.

On September 24, 1837 she married a second time the on November 8, 1811 born Heinrich Ludwig Schneider from Langenbach near Kirburg. 1837 their eldest son Christian was born and 1840 Friedrich Wilhelm was following. 1842 their daughter Juliana was born.