Hi(Storys) from Canada

Walter Emil Steup was born in Braunschweig in 1891, as son of Friedrich Emil Steup and his wife Auguste Agnes, née Lieder. Around 1910 he immigrates to Canada. In the "Census of Canada 1911" he was listed as a servant in the household of William J. Olmsted.

In the same census Violet Low is listed as the adopted daughter of the Olmsteds.

Violet was born in Scotland in 1897 as the daughter of William Low and his wife Clara Agnes Craig, but probably experienced the last part of her youth as an orphan.

Between 1869 and the late 1930s, over 100,000 young children were sent from the British Isles to Australia, Canada1), New Zealand and South Africa. They were sent, often without the knowledge of their biological parents, from the children's homes in the motherland to the overseas Dominions - officially to look forward to a "better life", but actually above all to be used and often abused as cheap labour in their new homeland, and secretly finally to "increase the stock of good white offspring", as was once stated in contemporary documents.2)