Was this Girl entrapped?

Katie Hierse Accuses Mrs. Steup of a Revolting Crime.

A shocking story of depravity came to light in the Recorder's Court at Hoboken this morning. A young German girl named Katie Hierse made a complaint against Mrs. Eva Steup, of No. 83 Hudson Street, for forcing her into a room with a man - one of the transient boarders at the house - and turning the key on them.
Katie, the complainant, is a prepossessing little brunette, about eighteen years of age. She said that in answer to an advertisement she applied for a position as kitchen maid. Mrs. Steup, she says, told her that she was a nice looking girl, and would suit her purpose. It is claimed that Mrs. Steup has had several other girls with her who have been served in a like manner. When Katie was telling her story she cried, and said that she first found out the kind of a place she was in when Mrs. Steup endeavored to corrupt her with stories of money and fine clothes. She would not comply with these suggestions. Thursday afternoon of last week she was dusting a room when her mistress came in and told her to alter the position of the chairs. She did her bidding, but before she had finished her work a well dressed man entered and Mrs. Steup locked the door after him. The strange man attempted to take liberties with her, and she screamed until the door had to be unlocked.
Mrs. Steup said that when she engaged the girl it was on the understanding that she was "not to be too particular!"
Recorder McDonough remanded Mrs. Steup for examination, as it is expected that several other complaints of a similar nature will be made.

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Source: Newspaper "The New Jersey City News" from 21. Juni 1889